Here are some projects that David has either played, written for or produced/directed: [links will be added]

Jeremy Pelt recording/perfomances supporting launch of Close To My Heart. Christmas week at Jazz Standard all of these with string orchestra.

Steve Wilson arranged/composed/orchestrated for Steve’s String’s Attached Project

Lewis Nash arrangements for Lewis’s own ensembles including his Big Band tour of Japan with Terumasa Hino and all stars

Larry Willis orchestral arrangement for Larry with Brooklyn Philharmonic. Performances in various small groups at major jazz festivals

RTE Concert Orchestra David created and produced Nelson Riddle Tribute concerts from ground up reconstructing many arrangements, choosing all the music, planning all the programing and conducting. These concerts sold out ‘inspiring’ the RTECO management to use David’s model for other concerts.

Jazz Standard House Bandleader and music Director for 4 years

Jazz Standard Discovery Program/Youth Orchestra David has led this educational project since shortly after it’s formation along with the very successful Jazz For Kids program.

Cork Jazz Festival Jazz Camp  2013 Workshops in arranging for both beginners and advanced writers. A special two day series of workshops for vocalists looking to sing in jazz ensembles.

Global Music Foundation workshops/performances addressing arranging, jazz guitar and improvisation (April 2014)

Private Consultation David has helped individuals with compositional projects along with arranging and orchestration in some cases.  These can range from writer’s block by a composer to oiling for strings, big band, orchestra. Being mainly self taught the approach is not locked into one method over another.


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