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(May 4th 2016)

  • The All Star O’Rourkestra are about to hit on May 15th 4-5:30pm at the Ocean City Music Pier in Ocean City, New Jersey. This band features some of the finest performers in the genre of jazz and we pay special tribute to music of Frank Sinatra and his relationship with the big bands. With performers like Lewis Nash, Peter Washington, Jeremy Pelt, Tim Ries, Ryan Keberle, Clark Gayton and vocalist Sachal Vasandani these unique one-off performances are always special. Look for some surprise special guests too!
  • New Recordings – Vocalist Monika Ryan and David will be heading straight to the studio when David gets to Chicago for the Skokie, Illinois performance with Monika’s band. They are planning on recording two separate projects for release later in the year.
  • The album David recorded with his good friend, trombonist Paul Dunlea, along with Cormac McCarthy, Peter Washington and Billy Drummond will be released ahead of Limerick Jazz Festival in September. David and Paul are playing a short ‘launch tour’ that takes in Dublin, Belfast and maybe one other venue before Limerick.

(September 23rd 2014)

  • Having spent much of the summer enjoying being with his boys and getting little music writing work done August found David doing a bunch of enjoyable gigs, mostly in the Jersey Shore area. James Polsky’s gig on board the Clipper City, celebrating a milestone birthday proved to be a most enjoyable reunion for many who met when working for James at Jazz Standard. David, along with a visiting Paul Dunlea played a few notes with Peter Washington on bass and James himself on the drums along with Don Sickler, Phillip Harper and many more. Jeremy Pelt also played that night as did David Lee Jones.
  • James Lafferty and his command central, The Lobster Pound kept David in action into September along with an appearance with Carrie Jackson and Belden Bullock at 16 Prospect Wine Bar and Bistro in Westfield, NJ.
  • With Cork just around the corner David is looking forward to his upcoming appearances at the Guinness Jazz Festival where, like last year he will conduct some workshops (see the calendar page for more details). David’s first appearance at the Guinness Festival was 1983, fresh from his first stint here in the USA.  It’s hard to believe that he has appeared at the festival for for most of those 31 years give or take a few years. David feels honored to get to present some workshops again at this year’s festival along with a chance to play again with the wonderful musician’s in Paul’s (Dunlea) band.

(June 30th 2014)

  • We’re almost in July so apologies for no posts in a while. The George Mesterhazy Tribute was a huge success and for David (and many others too) it felt for the first time like this one was a celebration. Now, they have all been celebrations but David has expressed that the feeling that George’s dream of working with real strings being brought to fruition helped tip the balance more in favor of joy than the sadness that he has found hard to shake since hs friend’s passing. This, as anyone who knew him would say, is how George would want it.
  • David was asked to help in the reconstruction of a very famous score from the film music world but more on that when they send out their press release. For now that’s all that can be said. Stay tuned 🙂
  • With the JSYO off for the summer there is not much more for the news section right now. Next post will be after David returns from a family wedding in Ireland. This will be the first time there for David’s youngest son Sean who likes to tell people “I’m a lot Irish but my Daddy’s more Irish than me” more anon

(April 2014)

  • David is just back from the two trips to London. The first at Pizza Express with larry Willis and the 2nd for the GMF course at King’s Place. London Jazz Times wrote about both of these events (links will be added). David performed with Jeremy Pelt, Rene Marie, Stephen Keogh, Duncan Hopkins, Bruce Barth and also with a magnificent trio headed up by Barry Greene with Alex Davis (bs) and Eddie Hick (drs). One of David’s longest standing friends Barry Fannin flew in for the occasion adding to the enjoyment at King’s Place.
  • With one day off it’s back to work writing string arrangements for the Cape May tribute to David’s close friend George Mesterhazy and a very exciting film score reconstruction project, more on that later…
  • Paul Jost reports that rehearsals with the U. Arts Big Band are going great and is enjoying singing to David’s Big Band charts of the Jost Project’s version of Sunshine Superman and Maybe I’m Amazed


(February 2014)

  • First news item – David added a News page 🙂
  • David is working on two arrangements for The Jost Project – these arrangements are being scored for big band (5 tpts, 5 tbns, 5 saxes, 4 rhythm, 3 female backing vocalists) with The Jost project out front. The Jost Project are Paul Jost – vcls, Tony Micelli – vibes, Kevin McConnell – bass and Dan Monaghan – drs.
  • David has been revisiting arrangements written 10 years ago for his string orchestral collaborations with Jeremy Pelt. We are all excited and looking forward to performing this music at Kings Place on April 18th in London. Particularly exciting for David are the reconnections that are happening here e.g. Marney O’Sullivan will play mallets/percussion and Stephen Keogh the GMF Director will be on drums. We will have an orchestra made up of some of the finest chamber and orchestral musicians from the London and UK scene and are adding harp and mallets to the arrangements for this occasion. There are other surprises to look forward to.
  • Right around now we are looking at college applications and camps for JSYO members. Knowing the impact on the JSYO kid’s future we are delighted to see opportunities unfold for these young musicians.
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