Here are some friends we recommend:

Jazz Standard Discovery Program (& Jazz Standard Youth Orchestra)

Global Music Foundation

Benedetto Guitars

George Mesterhazy

Mapson Guitars

Jeremy Pelt

Lewis Nash

Pat Martino

Steve Wilson

Paul Dunlea

Cassandra Wilson

Jazz Lobsters

The Big Band that has been responsible for more musicians ‘coming out of their shells’.


RTE Concert Orchestra

Jazz Standard

Jazz Standard Youth Programs

Robert Farnon Society

Andy Eulau

David Farnon

The Merion Inn

My favorite restaurant in Cape May, NJ.


Paul Jost

Here are some of my favorite places to visit, eat or stay:

Cape May, New Jersey is one of my favorite places period:

The Queen Victoria have, in my opinion mastered the art of making you really feel at home – I loved my stay there:

As mentioned above, The Merion Inn.

The Cape May Convention Center – this is where the annual tributes to George Mesterhazy have taken place as well as being the venue for many of the concerts George produced annually while he was still with us.


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