Jan 202014

Happy New Year to all my friends everywhere!  I remember chatting with someone who represents artists over a year ago and explaining that I’d be a difficult fit for most managers since I don’t fit into one category. Why? When I was asked what I would want from a manager I simply (simply he says) asked that I get to participate in all aspects of music making that I love…and of course get paid for doing it too.

So, in the coming year I get to play The Pizza Express March 13, 14 & 15th with a great band comprising of Larry Willis (pno), Jeremy Brown (bs) and Stephen Keogh (drs). One month later I’m back in London again with Jeremy Pelt (tpt)as we revisit our collaboration on his string recording “Close To My Heart” from 10 years ago! This will feature a great chamber orchestra as well as Stephen Keogh (drs) and Bruce Barth (pno) and some special guest appearances. I will give a concert the following day on guitar in a 4-5 day festival that will also see me teaching arranging/composition and guitar too.

On any given week, in the school year you can see me, along with a wonderful team running the Jazz Standard Youth Orchestra as we all get to witness the talent that will be tomorrow’s players. 2-3pm every sunday at Jazz Standard.

I’ll write more in the coming weeks with updates on progress on these and other projects in the works.


Happy New Year to all of you out there and your families too!



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