Mar 042013

Hi everybody,

So far we have 4 dates with the Dublin City Jazz Orchestra posted for the Irish tour. Allen Smith of Jazz On The terrace has worked very hard to get these dates nailed down. I will also make an appearance (on solo guitar) at the JJ’s Dublin Guitar Night that has been established by Hugh Buckley. In the meantime there are other performances and some workshops being setup that I will post as soon as I have info, so check back soon as I’ll be updating the calendar as soon as I have the confirmations in.


Prior to departing I’ll be kept busy working on the music for the Pat Martino orchestral project(s), some of out of town gigs in Philly and Wilmington.

Not posted yet but I’ll get to it is the trip to Nashville with Howard Paul of Benedetto Guitars togo to the Chet Fest as the call it. The Chet Atkins Festival where I hope to meet some people I’ve only met over the phone so far. I look forward to meeting Kirk Sand and Tom Holmes (if his schedule permits) and right now plan on flying in to Savannah, Ga. to meet Howard and then taking the drive with him to Nashville. Howard has told some of this drive goes thorough some beautiful mountain ranges etc. I love Americana so that got me right there.

OK that’s all for now 😉 Be well!

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